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Looking for a brand new audience?
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speaQ attracts a wide range of dynamic and influential audiences. So when you pair your brand’s message with our content, you get powerful results.
It’s that simple.

Our goal is creating buzz, reaching audiences and driving impact

Advertisers can connect with a wide audience of active, influential professionals with disposable and discretionary income. Launch your campaign in minutes.
Targeted Audiences
Dynamic and Influential
speaQ attracts a wide range of dynamic and influential audiences. So when you pair your brand’s message with our content, you get powerful results that can reach around the globe.
Premium Ad Formats
Showcase for Brands
Showcase your brand on our diverse and dynamic platform. wether video, web or print. Take advantage of our high-impact formats in unique and engaging environments, including rich media, text and video formats.
Ad Sessions

We connect brands with the right audience, creating high value digital experiences.

  • Impact Media
    As the rest of the industry focuses on standard ads, we obsess over creating ads that work for our advertisers. So we built, tested, iterated, and focused on data. The result? Our unique ads perform 15x above the industry average.
  • Custom Content
    Our in-house creative team works with brands and agencies to craft custom branded content that’s designed for sharing. Our custom content comes in various formats, and is crafted in a brands' authentic voice.
  • Live experience
    From large scale to bespoke events, we ignite our audience’s passion directly by engaging with them on the ground at branded, sponsored and hosted events. Our experience team organizes and promotes events that influences audiences.
  • Media Marketing
    speaQ Studios produces original video content designed for the social web. With a dedicated staff and production studio based in Los Angeles, we work with brands to create seamlessly integrated media across our platforms and promote and feature it throughout our network of content.
Brand Impact

speaQ TV features Captive Audiences

Our audience is curious, dives deeper and want to share their unique experiences. When you put your brand in front of our dynamic audience, it’s well received. You get them in a proactive mindset, making them likely to take action because that’s exactly why they’ve come to speaQ.
Innovative Campaigns

Platforms that scale

We embrace distributed platforms like speaQ TV to reach a large global audience and we take pride in creating a brand safe environment. Our team of writers uses patented technology to create entertaining & engaging content. For editorial and Branded, we marry the art of creation with the science of data.
Engaged Network
A powerful audience
No one is bigger on live experiences than speaQ. Our fully engaged fan base comes to us daily for the most original content, live shows, comedy, music and an overall focus on charity and positivity that breaks away from negative norms elsewhere online.
Extended Reach
Innovation at its best
speaQ gives millennials a much needed one-stop destination to enjoy live experiences, educate themselves, and find out what people are talking about. With a growing audience of uniques a month, we’re expanding our reach to a wide diverse audience.
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