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We build brands on the foundation of standout technology, breakthrough experience and amazing content

Our Purpose

speaQ Media is an emerging media company that believes in the power of live experiences to connect with global, passionate, curious audiences. Through our authoritative house of brands, commitment to developing standout technology, and high-fidelity advertising, we are shaping the future of live entertainment.

Our Audience

speaQ Media is for people who dare to experience the world. Those who don’t believe in living life to the fullest but strive to reinvent life to its’ maximum. Our wide, growing, dynamically diverse audience reaches across our platforms to connect with live experiences around the world, in seeking new ways to explore content that’s relevant to their daily lives.

Our Technology

Starting with our platforms, we have created unparalleled products that make everything easier, more beautiful, and give the strongest voices the tools they need to cover the topics they know and love. Our brand partners are able to leverage these same proprietary tools to create incredible custom solutions via our ad platforms, Creative Studio and 360° Event Experience.
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Our Brand Properties

Discover Live and on-demand events around the world

speaQ TV is an emerging premium streaming service that offers instant access to live and on demand channels, original series, and a premium library of classic and new run live entertainment to subscribers in the U.S. speaQ is the only streaming service that focuses on live experiences and offers both ad-supported and commercial-free content. In 2018, speaQ will be adding live news, entertainment and sports from content partners to its offering – making it the only TV service that brings together live, on-demand, originals, and library content of live experiences all in one place, across living room and mobile devices.

speaQ NOW let’s fans live in the moment with live streamed concert and festival coverage accessible over virtually any device.  Sports fans can see every point, every upset and every game winning performance over live streamed sports. And fans of all live experiences can be engaged with live programming that extends beyond televised content, giving viewers amazing insight and experiences.

Our mission is to connect you with live experiences around the world, but there’s no reason that has to be done through writing alone. On our podcasts, we do what you love about our site — discover the best live talks, works, and performances — only on a different platform. They’re perfect whether you hope to use your morning commute to rock to a classic Billy Joel concert, learn how CEO’s want to fight climate change, or hear a live comedy show. Give them a listen, you’ll love what you hear.

speaQ Events brings the world’s best live experiences to life, in one place for the first time. Curated by our team of experienced editorial live experience experts, we present a curated list of the world’s best live events in colorful words and visuals. From celebrations of music, art, technology, sports and food, to rituals of the sacred, silly, ridiculous and profane, we explore the amazing events around the globe and invite you to come with us!

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“Our audience just loves to do stuff, anywhere anytime, anyplace. 

Daniel Stein
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